Constant crash on allocating stats after level up.

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Heyo, I've had this issue before (with the same class no doubt). I'm about level 43 or 44 and every time I level up and try to allocate my stat points I freeze for a split second and crash. It is a modded save, and this jPtYWuj.png is my mod list. Any idea what's going on here? I pretty much literally can't continue on with this character. I'm using the Ronin class from far east pack (preview 1 or 2, I don't remember) just as an FYI.


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    Best bet would be to remove mods one at a time and try doing what's causing it to crash. I'm betting it's a mod issue. Once you find the guilty party you're probably going to have to stop using that mod with the others.
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    I might try first with the UI mods.
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