Internet game not working

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me and my friend currently reside in China,
we are able to create and host a new internet game, connect and usually the first few minutes everything seems fine. However after a short time one of us (even the one who hosts the game) creates some packet loss or just a high ping (don't know if you can check that ingame) resulting in monsters not reacting, but still hittable and killable. The vision of the other player is rather laggy, but he still appears on the host game's screen as connected. Sometimes it disconnects the other player and game seamlessly continues in a singleplayer mode for both of us.
Anyways, game is therefore unplayable, we tried LAN as well without any results too.
Is there some magical problem in our connections? Since we normally can play other games online and via LAN (Recently e.g. Diablo II)
Last spec: My friend runs a MacOS version, I run Win version.

Thanks for any help!
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