Possible to create a whole new game?

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I've been wondering if it is possible to create a whole new game using guts. Not continue upon the already given story line and adventure, instead i wish to create my own entire game from scratch using the guts program.

My first real question i suppose should be is it actually possible?

If it is, would it be possible to port in custom animations, models, textures and etc.?

Also would it be possible to remove the entire chose a class while creating a character menu and instead place a couple npcs in game that you visit to change and evolve classes?

I know there is almost a limitless amount of possibilities one could achieve with coding and software but i also know that the program one uses must be able to handle it.

I know a lot of people might read this and think why i would want to use torchlight 2 and guts to make my own game. It would be a fair question but its quite simple. I enjoy the graphics and controls that Torchlight has to offer. The game engine itself seems to run quite well "IMO". Also my knowledge of game creation and scripting are limited at the moment so i feel like using a preexisting game and editor would be a softer way of diving into the whole creation world. I could learn a good bit on scripting, editing, modeling etc. and learn some patience as well.

So if you do plan to comment please be civil, no need for insults. I would appreciate some nice thought out answers.

Also have a pleasant day :P


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    The fact is GUTS is highly customized, severely lacking in documentation and developer support is pretty much non-existent. The modding community is tiny and there are a lot of limitations as far as coding because either stuff is hard coded or there are TOS limitations that prevent you from doing certain things with it. Even the most advanced mods like Synergies stick to tweaking pre-existing monster stats and adding custom classes.

    Sure-you might be able to import new models and textures but a that point you might as well find an easier editor to use that has a lot more documentation and community support. You're better off using something like Unreal4.
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    If by new game you mean a new Action/hack&slash Rpg with the base system of TL2 (Effects, weapon types, elemetal damage types, number of spells, damage mechanics, block needing a shield, etc). Then It's totally possible to do with guts inside the limitations of the engine. Custom models, with animations and wardrobe are totally doable if you follow the files structures (Seach for the Dwarf experiment from Kva3imoda on this forums). Totally new game world instead of the existing one is also doable (Search for the Roguelight mod on the steam workshop, a great idea and proof of concept). There are also "proof of concept" mods out there that show how to make things like custom base stats, interactive dialogs or custom equipment slots. Editing the choose a class layout, may be possible to change to a choose a race one, and using an NPC to choose or change you class is not something someone has tried yet so I couldn't tell. A project that is close to this is the Dark Palace mod by Kva3imoda, than is slowly being developed and shows some awesome concepts of cool stuff to be made on the TL2 game engine.

    If you want to make a new game, with a lot of differences from TL2 (like someone once proposed an "ant real time strategy simulator mod" or a "WW2 third person shooter mod"), you're actually better using other game engine, like unreal or unity that have a bigger community and lots of documentations to work with.

    Finally if knowing and undertanding all this, you still want to go on with this project, I invite you to visit Torchmodders.com, there you can find and small but still active group of modders with a bit of experience with GUTS, that will help you in everything they can. :D
  • Thank you guys for the great replies!

    I wouldn't mind using all the models and etc. That exist. Importing newer models would be cool but not highly important. Chaging of the ui, level development and class-changing system is important to me how ever.

    I wpuld love to use an engine to pump out a game with torchlight-path of exile graphics and controls. How ever I would like to use something closer to a toolset than an actual engine. If I dive straight into an engine I'll be overwhelmed and discouraged. If I can start with a toolset and learn coding, modeling and etc. I think that would lead to being more capable in the future with engines.
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    Unity Engine is very approachable and has gotten more so in recent years. True you'll need coding skill to create a basic Diablo-esque control scheme, but you can find the necessary scripts online pretty quick.
    I haven't used Unreal Engine 4 yet, but I believe it has a Visual Scripting Engine which is very powerful and requires no coding. Basically take GUTS' logic editor and multiply it by a large number. I think you can "program" character movement with it.
    Engines have gotten more friendly in recent years because they are now designed for consumers as much as they are for developers. If you feel overwhelmed, don't get discouraged, both communities are helpful, just ask for help.

    Just remember to have fun with it.
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