Question about quests and animating room pieces

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Is it possible to add quests to a logic group or do something that accomplishes a similar effect? I'm trying to have a teleporter become visible and activated upon completion of a quest. Things like that.

I've also got a point in a map at which there's a four-way intersection design of bridges, but a two-way centerpiece. Levers around the map rotate the center piece to match either pathway. The animation via a timeline works fine, but after the piece rotates, you can't walk across it. I've tried disabling the collision in the timeline as it rotates and reenabling it when it finishes, which fixed the issue of being able to walk across where the bridge used to be, but you still can't enter the rotated section of the bridge after it rotates. Anyone have any ideas on what could make this functional? I have a workaround in mind which involves having two invisible bridge pieces that have their collision and pathing toggled by the levers while the spinning one stays non-collidible and nopath the entire time, but I'd rather just figure this out for the sake of learning.
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    For your first question, it's totally possible, is more, the vanilla game does that a lot, you should check the Grell fight boss room, where you find Vale and the guardian of water, they create a town portal after you complete their quest.

    I don't know much about movile plataforms on the map layouts, but I think that your "workaround" may actually be the way to go.
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    First is totally do-able as Anarch says.

    For the second - create your layout and make sure you can cross the bridge in its original position. Then move it manually and make sure you can also cross it in its intended final position. If you can't it may simply be the positioning of the bridge or adjoining room pieces (the vertical axis is usually the culprit). If all is good, best way to do this is to place path node occupation boxes either end of the bridge in both positions (and size them correctly) to make sure your path onto the bridge is blocked either way, then have your timeline enable/disable the path node occupation boxes depending on the position of the bridge.

    One final tip - make sure the room pieces you are using for the bridge are set to BAKE=FALSE - if you are going to expose any room pieces to logic in this way you need to keep them in editable RAM. If you don't do this, they either won't move or will ignore your path settings as they (and thus their properties) will be 'forgot' when the level chunk renders.
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  • Awesome, thanks for the replies. I figured out the quest dealio and am fixing the bridge now.
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