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Hello adventurers,

I have created a very basic youtube channel to showcase my **** elite berserker gameplay. I intend to never use a shield and will only use whatever Riechliu or Limoany gems that I can find :)

No mods, no cheats, no intense farming. Just casual game-play and loads of fun experimenting on how to build and play a character without all the MUST HAVEs.

Currently in NG++, my crescendo for my ****-elite berserker will be completing Taroch's tomb once I 'think' its ready. I intend to do do a electricity-centric ember-mage next :)

If you do like my channel please subscribe. Regardless, please do post your feedback :)

Youtube channel: ... YEPcHZ_K3w



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    You sir are highly skilled - your vids are great fun to watch!

    I also like watching HC vids like this as a modder. I dream of making a class which HC players (who generally seem to me to be purists/perfectionists) will find well balanced and fun to play.
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