Bought a copy on ebay, is it legit ?

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I bought a copy of the game on Ebay on that link ... EBIDX%3AIT
I'm wondering if it's a legit copy as there is no runic key provided, just a link with an executable installer, and the seller says it's only needed to create an account and loggin to it...

I'm wondering... Have i just paid for an installer of the game without any licence ? Is it legit to play that way ?
Should i ask a refund ? It's not much money but if it's an illegal sell... i'm definitly getting it back...

Thanks for answering !
Cheers, Bula


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    It sounds to me it is the GoG version which does not use Steam or DRM. I believe you just need to have an account with Runic if you want to play multiplayer. I just do not know if the game has to be bought directly from GoG to be updated or not.

    I would not buy anything from Ebay.

    I would PM BrianW
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    OP, please contact for assistance.
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