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Every once in awhile i run through Torchlight 1 to gather gems--I think by now I have a full set of named gems but it's an addiction. (:

I have several mule characters for uniques, gems, sets etc. and pass the best along from character to character, including inherited stuff. This time one of the inherited uniques wound up gaining an interesting stat:

That's a lot of health! The problem is that my health drops to nearly nothing on the health bar, to what I assume my actual health should be, then rapidly fills most of the way back up (sometimes,) drops back down and repeats.

I'm not sure about the health drained per hit--that seems kind of high for this level weapon so maybe that stat is glitched, too.

Any way to fix? Quit/restart didn't change anything. I guess I'll keep it around for a trophy weapon but it's kind of a bummer that it messes with my health because it has a nice damage stat for its level.


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    It is a know issue with the inherited items that have +Health on it. Do not equip when you are leveling since that number will get to a point where your game can crash and such.

    It is best not use any +Health on any item you use to have the item passed on to the next of kin.

    It would have been nice if we had a means to remove stats via a NPC.
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