Having fun with TL1 in 2016. Plus some tips n Destroyer info

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I've been playing Torchlight 1 off and on for years now, always on Very Hard mode. Steam tells me I have 160+ hours on the game. Right now my Destroyer is level 60 and I think I am on floor 53 of the Shadow Vault (endless dungeon).

Seems like this board isn't very active anymore, but I thought I'd throw out some tips that have helped me a lot in the game.

-On my pet I use Fireball VI and Frost VI. This way the monsters are usually on fire and frozen before I even swing my sword at them. Frost does damage, which is great, but more importantly it slows down enemies. Anyone know if it slows their attack speed, or is it just their movement speed? Either way, it helps!

-Offensive spells like Fireball or Frost on your pet can serve as an "early warning system" of sorts. Often my pet will fire off a spell towards an enemy at the far edge of the screen that I haven't even seen yet. This works best with your pet set to Aggressive instead of Defensive.

-Put a stack of fish on a hotkey. If you pet is low on health, turning him into any creature with a fish will instantly take your pet to full health. I never did find a way to put a health potion for my pet on a hotkey.

-On my pet rings and collar I use +HP, +Strength, and +Defense. That's it, because I know those are helpful. :) At this point I still don't know if +Magic Find and such work on a pet. For example, would +25 Fire attack increase the power of his Fireball spell?

-Get skills like Adventurer, Treasure Hunter, and Barter as early as possible. That way you will get the most benefit from the skills over time. I usually do 3 points in Adventurer for the +6% exp and fame gain, but mainly for the +24% potion effectiveness (which helps at later levels when you have tons of HP to heal). 4 points in Treasure Hunter gets me +10% magic / gold find, and that is plenty for me. 4 points in Barter gives me a 24% decrease in vendor prices and enchanting, plus a bonus to my sell prices, so I usually stop there.

-Your character can equip both Elemental Protection V and VI, and the effects do stack. This can help with those stupid Dark Zealots and their one shot kill elemental spells.

-For spells my Destroyer uses Elemental Protection V and VI, Heal All VI, and Haste VI. Since those are Defensive spells, at some point later in the game I dumped 5 points into Defensive Spell Mastery. This gave me more elemental resistance from EP V and EPVI, but more importantly Haste now lasts a lot longer!

-Even if you don't use a shield, Block and Parry still helps you block. 10 points into Block and Parry + 9 points in Shadow Armor got me to the max of 50% block! 9 points in SA also means the effect will last for a full 60 seconds. From what I could tell watching the "chance to block" percentage and using a timer, the Shadow Armor bug seems to be gone on the latest TL1 Steam version... the improved chance to block lasts the full 60 seconds.

-Two words: Frost Shield. -54% physical AND elemental damage at 10 points? Yes please.

-Related, but kind of the flip side of Frost Shield, is Spectral Decay. At 10 points this skill will do 100% extra physical and elemental damage to all of the enemies in a circle around you for 26 seconds. It also has a chance to stun. Think of this skill as an AOE (area of effect) debuff. The effect doesn't follow you like an aura, so you have to re-cast it whenever you have an enemy (or 10) that you would like to do extra damage to.

-Speaking of Auras, 6 points in Entropic Aura gives you a 30% chance to slow the movement, attack, and cast speed of all enemies around you.

-Right now, through gear, I am trying to work on my "chance to reflect missile damage" stat.

I would like to tinker with Shadow Bowman for the Chance to reflect 80% of missile damage, but I don't know if it is still bugged or works well with Shadow Armor.


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    These are all great tips. I never knew about the fish thing. That's great. Nice to see someone else still loves this old gem. I have 295 hours in it now. Granted I've been playing it since October '09.
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    Thanks. I read that "use a fish to instantly heal your pet" on these forums years ago and it has helped me a lot.

    I really want to move on to Torchlight 2 but I'm having so much fun in the Shadow Vault. Plus I never got to this high of a level in my other playthroughs so it's been fun to tinker with some of the other skills now that my core skills (Martial Weapons, Dual Wield, Armor Expertise, Frost Shield, and so on) are done.

    Torchlight 1... best $9.99 I even spent.
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    Wish I could stack some Magic Fish Scales on my pet for the constant HP recovery. But I get the sense that would be A LOT of fishing. I usually fish 5 to 10 times at every spot I encounter and so far I have found exactly 1 Fish Scale.
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    JNR999 wrote:
    I really want to move on to Torchlight 2 but I'm having so much fun in the Shadow Vault.

    The TL2 mod "Unearthed Arcana" adds the Shadow Vault back into the TL2 game ;)
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