Thunder Locus - Prevent instances from despawning when cast.

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In a nutshell what I'd like to do is prevent Thunder Locus from despawning the existing locus/locii when you recast the spell. With a cooldown of 10 seconds it really feels more like a strategic spell than a tactical spell, but the one locus limit really hurts it in that regard. With the duration increasing as you pump points into it you'll eventually be able to have up to 5 locii up and running, albeit with one only being around for 2 seconds under optimal conditions, but some tweaking on damage values, cooldowns, and so on can bring it in line if that proves over-powered.

I've already gotten as far as altering the "Max Pets" value in its monster file, but that's problematic as its effects are inconsistent. If I set the Max Pets value to something low like 2-3 I generally have to wait for a locus to expire due to its duration running down before I can have two or more on-screen at once, and when that happens one or more of them have effectively infinite duration and won't despawn until a new locus is created. On top of that there will be occasions where the spell will fail to create a new locus. If I set Max Pets to 10 I can get 5 or so locii summoned at a time, but this can exacerbate the issues involved by making it even more likely that casting Thunder Locus will fail to create a new. In fact during testing it wasn't uncommon to cast it 10 times, have 5 locii on-screen at once, have several of them despawn as new ones are created, and then have multiple consecutive casts generate the on-ground "just summoned a locus" effect without actually spawning a new locus monster/object.

At this point I could use at least some hints on how to set the spell up so that casting Thunder Locus doesn't despawn existing locii thereby allowing up to the "Max Pets" value to exist simultaneoulsy without resulting in any permanent/bugged loci existing in the game world.


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    Hi Marikhen. Am replying without having looked at the files themselves, but i think you'll want to edit the .LAYOUT file which actually launches the locii. The skill .DAT file should point to it, so try finding it from there.


    You can clone this file and in the Unit Spawner [BASEOBJECT] block, you'll want to change this line...

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