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I am totally fresh to Torchlight 2 so sorry if this question will sound a bit odd.

Is it possible to set the mouse to be more "auto-control" like in Grim Dawn for example?

In GD when I keep pressing the left mouse button I move fluidly around the map and when I move the cursor over an enemy my character attacks it automatically, than I move it over another enemy and so on. Is it possible to make the mouse similarly fluid in Torchlight? Now I have to let the button go and then push again to attack an enemy and push again to attack another.

Thank you


  • PhanjamPhanjam Posts: 3,297 ✭✭✭
    Hi Davva! Not sure about the fluidity from moving to attacking, but i know attacks can be fluid from target to target (i use it all the time)
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    ...I thought that's how it worked already. I've played both and never noticed that much of a difference. Have you tried either shift or contrl clicking when attacking?
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