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I'm playing Torchlight 1. I'm shamelessly trying to save-scum to get better enchants in my singleplayer game, but it isn't working. Here's what happens:

I go to the enchanter and enchant an item. I then alt-tab out of the game, copy the ENTIRE "AppData\Roaming\runic games\torchlight" folder and rename the copy to something like 01-torchlight.

I then alt-tab back in and I try another enchant, but it goes badly and the item loses all enchantments.

So I quit the game, delete "AppData\Roaming\runic games\torchlight", then copy the backup again and name it "torchlight".

By logic starting the game and doing "continue" should, at this point, restore everything exactly as it was before the last enchant, inventory and all. But no, the item is still with no enchantments.

Why? Is the inventory specifically saved somewhere else, and if so where?

(Please refrain from rants against cheating - this is strictly a single-player playthrough and I'm just going for some silly fun.)


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    I'm fairly certain saves are only performed on map load and game exit. So when you copy out the save, you're copying the save from when you first loaded the game up.
    For the successful enchant to be saved, you'd have to enchant, exit to title screen, reload, then enchant again.

    TL2 has a Save button on its menu, which would make this whole process much easier, but unfortunately I don't think they ever added that to TL1.

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