New Engineer / ARPG-Player help !?

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This is actually for my little brother, he never played a game like this before (plays only Pokemon tbh) and told me: "I just don't want to die while playing this". Only problem being, for the past 13y I played glass-cannon mages, so I don't know what a tank usually does to stay alive or how to build one.

So after a quick reading of Potential Elite Tank Build - 1H/Shield and a couple more opinions I decided that going for 1-hand/shield would work the best for him.

The "final build" I suggested: Blitz 43 / Construction 45 / Aegis 45 (I had no idea Supercharge would turn out to be reliable, STR instead of Focus because I didn't trust him with a character totally reliant on it's hotkeys)

The current build looks like this: Blitz 36 / Construction 30 / Aegis 28 ( Normal NG+ base stats/level/fame/spare points included) Last time I checked he had several skill points saved, but he got bored or something and spent all of them before I could post this.

The skill points that can be recovered are: Bulwark Lv.4, ForceField Lv.13, Fire & Spark Lv.13

All advice is welcome, but I'd guess that he's more likely to quit than to make a completely new character.

- Potential skill builds to go for? (using the current one as starting point)
- Does the game have 133 or 132 skill points to use? Kinda confused on this.
- Overall stats to aim for? Why?
- What's the current Shield Block cap?
- What's the current All Damage Reduction cap?
- Which would be the best set of passive Spells (player) to use? Between: Weapon Exp, Armor Exp, Blocking, Willpower and Adrenaline Rush? Others?
- Which would be the best set of Pet Spells? Haste, Dervish, Retribution and Silence? Others?
- Any other Engineer/Tank information that might become important in the future?

Thanks in advance for all the help. Sorry for my english, not my native language.

He got to level 100, currently farming TT on NG2. To anyone reading this looking for useful information, try "Ultimate Torchlight II Guide" and "Kardfogu's Guide to Emberquakers". I could've given my brother a much better build, if I had those links 2 months earlier.


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    Part of the fun of playing arpg's and games in general is learning for yourself how stuff works. Don't hold their hand or try to get them to dive into all that complicated stuff. They're just a kid. Have them set the game on normal and let them play. About the only thing I'd advise you do is try and get them to not worry so much about character death. There aren't that many drawbacks to it unless you're playing ****. While it can be frustrating it's really not that big a deal.
  • My brother is actually 18y old, his character is on Normal NG+ Act 2. I've no idea how well he should be doing for a tank on his level/gear and age. (On that age my Bone Necro was on **** Act 3 doing 2k Bone Spirits, but mages aren't tanks)

    I just want him to do well, and I'm completely not sure about Sword & Board. Any suggestions on that would still be highly welcome.

    As much as finding out stuff by yourself is fun, I'd rather not have him go through making 4-5 Engineers to eventually find out which skills work the best for his class. I made at least 6 Necromancers back in the days, finally getting the result I was looking for, but it wasn't all fun. The fun partially comes from killing a very hard boss and a very rare item (that you can use) drop, which usually takes a solid skill build. (even on Normal difficult I'm guessing)

    TLDR: Sword & Board vs Supercharge !? Anything that adds to this topic.
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    Found some pretty awesome video links for Engineer builds here that might interest some if they haven't already found or overlooked the thread: Complete Guide 2h Melee Engineer Elite-NG

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