Using Mods for the GOG version of Torchlight 2

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I apologize, if this has been asked before. I am new to Torchlight & want to check out the mods. I have the GOG version of the game & cannot figure out how to use the mods I have downloaded such as the Synergy. Any help would be awesome!:D


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    This is assuming you have a Windows PC. I don't know how modding works for Mac or Linux.

    You can download mods from either the Runic Games Fansite ... 7514bcf477 or follow this guide viewtopic.php?f=47&t=60240

    When you get a mod go to your Documents/MyGames/runic games/torchlight 2/mods folder and unzip your mods into that folder. The way mine is set up is that in the main mods folder I have folders with the mod names and in those folders I have the actual mod files.

    Mod files will be in .mod format. They'll look like mpeg or movie clips which might be confusing but .mod is the correct format.
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