Insta-bought from here, but will it still come to gog?

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I don't use steam as my default gaming platform of choice, as a customer I do not care for steam, but seeing as several new game franchises default to that platform (As it is admittedly the perfect safeguard against piracy!) I understand/use steam, as it is a necessary evil, but if I can purchase this game directly from the game developer and/or gog, (Like I have with torchlight 1-2 -Humble+Runic+gog) I will certainly do so!

However, it is not lost on me that it is vital that you protect yourself from piracy, and steam is an excellent platform for this, but if however, several months after the initial release date you decide to release for gog/DRM free humble, I still would be more than happy to throw my money your way! :D

BTW, it should go without saying that I'll definitely purchase the game directly here first above all else!...Even if you decide to release to gog as well, I don't mind having two copies from different sources! ;)

Cheers, eagerly waiting it's release!


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    Steam doesn't really prevent piracy. It's not DRM. The reason they go with Steam is because It makes it easy for them to publish and update their client vs GoG and other methods where updating the game isn't as easy. Given the fact that Torchlight II ended up on I don't doubt HoB will show up there at some point. It's just GoG doesn't have nearly as many people using it as Steam. It's become more popular but it's still a rather niche publisher in comparison.

    The fact is most people choose convenience over games that are DRM-free yet require separate installers. That and GoG doesn't have the kind of added incentives Steam does. Friends lists, Achievements, a readily accessible forum as well as reviews, streams, groups etc. Hopefully GoG's client will improve and add all this stuff as time goes by but for now Steam has a huge leg up over everyone else which is why Runic would be silly to not focus their attention there.
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