I have some mod questions.

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Hello everyone,

First, I realise that these Forums are not as active as the appear to have been in the past, but I thought of asking here anyway. ( Just in case I get lucky. :) )

About a week or so ago I bought TL2 after having seen a few TL2 play video's by someone called Force. And I was happy to see that unlike Diablo 3, this game could be modded. But I did not want to change things too much so I decided to stick with just these ...


Now at first I did not install LurkerHuD and just used the HuD from Better Vanilla Game, and although nice I kind of dislike it a bit that all are stacked on top of each other.

Better Vanilla HuD

So I looked around on the Steam Workshop and I found the LurkerHuD mod, which makes my Hud look like this ...


Now I like the way the LurkerHuD looks over the Better Vanilla Game one, but the charge bar does not show up when I have the LurkerHuD active. I realise this is an obvious conflict between the two mods, but with exception of the charge bar, both mods seem to work as intended. ( As far as I can determine so far that is. ) Now I would like to ask if someone knows a way to get LurkerHuD to also show the charge bar while also keeping the Better Vanilla Game. If not, then how bad ( Or not ) would it be to not see the charge bar?


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    Hi! You're gonna want to PM either Lolesch or Anarch16sync (or both of them) - seems they are the UI guys who are still active. You can also try catching them at torchmodders (link in my sig) ;)
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    Thank you Phanjam. :)
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