My best character's names (The 4)

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Berserker (Fire) - Farkas (Male) and Fark (Wolf)

Outlander (Wind) - Hawkin (Male) and Hawk (Hawk)

Engineer (Earth) - Tinker (Female) and Tink (Ferret)

Ambermage (Water) - Luna (Female) and Zulu (Chakawary)


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    Nice! Here's mine:
    HavenHoneyBadger the barbarian & Randall the badger.

    Zidaya the Outlander & Jeremy the orange tabby (currently a big spider)
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    I like using the names of planetary moons for girl characters and lately ive been using real arabic male/female names for my chars.
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    I use name generators, or re-use names that I used in other games.

    * PB Embermage: Illius ( I could not resist. :D ) with his pet Panda Zhai.
    * My Ravage Berserker: Egoabas with his pet Wolf Akira.
    * MY 2h Engineer: Eliha with her pet panther Nimrod.
    * My Descendant ( From a Destroyer mod. ) Siwan with her pet panther Myst.

    But currently, I am playing with my "Mad Genius build" Outlander Toaksi and her pet Hawk Onyx. :)
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    • Avicia - Outlander (first character, in fact I think the first character I made during the betas)
    • Wrench Wench - Engineer (equal level to Avicia, 56. Still does not think there are enough wrenches in the game. I probably should have modded some in for her)
    • Rubica - Embermage (kind of a lowbie, pretty sure she only knows how to spam Prismatic Bolt)
    • Tally Ho Chaps! - Engineer (less of a lowbie. He was going to be a support character for multiplayer until I got sidetracked and stopped playing the game for a long time. Clearly has the best name)

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    Arkham wrote:
    Still does not think there are enough wrenches in the game.
    I feel the same way about throwing axes. Just one in the game yet ranged melee berserker is so much fun.
  • I just have my own character:

    Ryan the Enginner and Max the Wolf
    Don't have images of them yet because I will start my save again
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