Seven years-A Thank You Poem by Zid

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It was seven years ago today I happened upon a game
that brought much joy to my heart and Torchlight was its name.
It reminded me of the days long past when adventure was my path.
Of nights spent finding shiny gems and facing demons wrath's.

The loot was good as was the fun but something more was found-
friendship I gained when I signed up and began hanging around.
A place to talk about Torchlight led me to new friends and more;
Self-confidence and self-esteem were there within your doors.

Since then I've played a lot of games but few have moved me so.
I'm honored to have helped Runics well deserved fame grow.
I wish you all the best with Hob. I hope it brings success.
Thanks to all my friends and all the Runic devs. You really are the best.


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