Sockets for Embermages

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Hello guys! I'm trying to make a good build for my Embermage. I got the whole Ascendant (lvl 105) armor with the best stat enchants possible for each pieace of armor. However, i've noticed that i'm getting damaged too much, and i've realized that the sockets i'm using aren't working.

Anyways, i would like to ask some tips for sockets to make my Embermage alive as much as possible (preferably to make some good damage as well). Can you guys give me some suggestion about sockets?
My stats are:
236 Str/ 437 str (staff/wand)
532 Dex
532 Vit
around 1558 Focus

By the way, if you have suggestions about my stat enchants, they'll be very welcome! The same goes for builds' links as well!

Thanks in advance, folks! ;)
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