Any separate, full screen map mod out there?

Hal9000xHal9000x Posts: 47
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I'm looking for a classic style map: not an overlay, and not a minimap. Just a screen that shows the current zone's discovered area, shrunk to fit the screen if necessary (although it shouldn't be, with the full screen area available). Doesn't have to be animated, could just be static with a player location marker. If no such mod exists, then perhaps a mod for a (much) larger minimap would help me. I hate having the choice of a gigantic overlay obscuring 2/3 of the screen, or a tiny minimap with near zero usefulness. I did a few searches, but all I came up with was a zillion new custom zones, or slight modification to the existing map key functionality.


  • doudleydoudley Posts: 9
    You won't find any because its simply not possible to modify the map appearance and its functionality, as far as I know of. The only available modification can be done, is by using Automap Controller on UI Layout Editor but that just makes the map to show/hide, move to left/right side or center. I know this because I tried making a non-bordered (no cutoffs) fullscreen overlay map but with no avail.
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