Does Fire and Spark show up in Arcane Statistics

Hal9000xHal9000x Posts: 47
edited December 2016 in Engineer Discussions
I've got Fire and Spark up to 55%. I was equipping various 2H to see how they affected the stats. One of them was unusual in that all of it's damage was elemental: 2/3 poison, 1/3 fire. However, the expected boost from the fire portion wasn't there. In fact, with 5 different similar DPS weapons it was one of the lower damaging. Is F&S not considered when viewing the stats? Or was the poison damage somehow causing a reduction? My build doesn't have any skills that rely on converting physical to fire that I'm aware of, in which case that poison damage shouldn't hurt me (in fact it should help me, because secondary effects right?). Unless Flame Hammer relies on physical to fire conversion specifically. I would think it would simply consider the poison damage part of the weapon DPS (since it is) and the splinters would be converted to fire at full weapon DPS as normal. Not that the splinters even show up in the stats, right?


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