Arcane Statistics is pathetic

Hal9000xHal9000x Posts: 47
edited December 2016 in TL2 General Discussions
I love Torchlight, but I sure wish I had found it when it was still popular. It's hard to get solid mechanics info except from the few old schoolers still hanging out here (and much thanks to you!). The sorrily minimal info on the Arcane Statistics page is a joke. There isn't even a section for pets! Anyway, I have +25% melee damage on a gear piece, and the Attack Statistics the "Physical Damage Bonus" is 0%. Is that correct? Should it show up somewhere else, or is it just lumped in with the overall DPS shown for my right or left hand (with zero breakdown therein, I might add...cripes. How long did they have to tweak this? 6 years?). Thanks in advance folks.


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