Regarding Supercharge

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Posting here since it seems nobody looks at the class-specific forums much these days. I say to myself many times that I wish I had gotten into this game years ago when the community was still vibrant, but i digress:

I saw a thread where some testing was done and it was determined that once Supercharge has procced, the bonus damage only applies to autoattack. In other words, the bonus damage is useless unless you are just hitting something without using a skill. Which is a dichotomy, because the whole point of Supercharge is...well, charge. Not much sense in having an ability that builds charge without being able to use the skills that take advantage of it. I mean, you still get the charge building utility, but it kinda defeats the purpose. I'm wondering if anyone knows if this is still the case. If so I'm thinking of dropping it, since between Charge **** and Dynamo field I'm getting plenty of charge.
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