What are those danglies?

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Looking closer at the dangly bits on the tip of the HOB character's hat, what do you think they are? At first I thought they were like earrings, like, maybe the "hat" is actually a giant red ear and it needed some bling bling, but then the cough medicine-induced haze wore off and I started thinking clearly again.

Maybe it's a music player, or they're like SD cards kept on a keyring? Maybe the character doesn't have ears, so they jack music straight into their braincase?

Maybe the cough medicine is kicking in again? lol


  • PhanjamPhanjam Posts: 3,297 ✭✭✭
    I can see only 1 dangly and it looks like a price tag to me :P
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  • DarkTailsDarkTails Posts: 4,148
    Phanjam wrote:
    I can see only 1 dangly and it looks like a price tag to me :P

    Well, earrings are kinda like price tags in that they always remind you of the exorbitant amount you spent on them, right? :p
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    I think when they went into the "tombs" or whatever they are, the inhabitants (Hobians?) were given those as little vouchers so when they re-emerged, they could get their stuff back. They're like valet tickets.

    Unfortunately, all your stuff was eaten by monsters, so they now serve only as ironic decorations.

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