Moving up to Veteran...insane difficulty spike?

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Played through Normal a few times with an Engineer. It is now too easy for me. Moved to Veteran with an Outlander. It is like I'm made out of tissue paper and even trash mobs are made out of tempered iron. I have tried a dozen builds, looked at guides, etc. But I die constantly, and the only way I can even play is to buy hundreds of mana pots. My regular shots barely register, and I have to hold down my main attack, be it Glaive, Rapid Shot, Shadow Shot etc. to do any real damage, sucking mana like a sponge. And that still takes forever to kill. I know how to spec, but still tried numerous variations to try and get any survivability. I see people talking about playing on Elite all the time and I can't even imagine how you'd survive. What am I doing wrong? This latest try seems to be the best of the lot, but still very tough: ... aAamakaham
Is it just that higher difficulties are very hard at low levels, and it eventually becomes easier? Honestly if I didn't have a higher level toon to buy mana pots for this guy, I'd have given up completely. Should I just dump everything into vitality and armor at first?


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    I just started playing again, Outlander on Veteran, and i'm not having issues. Do you have a mod installed that's tweaking the enemies?

    I don't have any build, just winging it, but I'm leaning towards STR and DEX. Basically, I bought a good bow from the first shop and I've been machine-gunning my way through the game with Rapid Fire. I use Blade Pact to slow the mobs, works great with all the knockback from RF.

    Later on i'm going to switch dual-wield, i just want to plow through the game right now and worry about specifics later. I'm about level 20 now.

    Don't worry about Elite, I remember it being ridiculously hard (not fun unless twinked) so i never went back to it lol
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    Yes, there is a noticeable increase in difficulty from Normal to Veteran. However, it may be lack of practice or maybe bad habits acquired from playing Normal. Try kiting, and if you are playing a Glaivelander, dump everything you can into Focus, both points and gear bonuses.

    Edit: I've taken a look at your build. Unless playing pistols, I'd drop the Long Range Mastery points entirely. The damage increase is barely there and you only really need the range on pistols... because the skill doesn't work on shotgonnes
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