Floor spike traps - what am I doing wrong?

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Hi guys, a rather new-ish player here. I'm playing Outlander, my first character, and using a shotgun (hopeless "Supernatural" fangirl here, can't NOT shoot a shotgun at ghosts!)

Everything was going great until Act 2 on Game +. While I can kill anything in the game, and could survive anything in the game up to this point, the floor spike things kill me instantly every time :( There isn't even any warning or gradual health loss, just an instant, one-hit-kill.

I tried going back and upping my physical armor / damage reduction, added more dexterity for a chance to dodge the hits, but it doesn't seem to be making any difference. Nearly 4000 HP (+ 700 armor) gone in an instant...

Where did I go wrong? Is this build totally invalid and sad? :( Should I have gone for one pistol and a shield? Everything else in the game is pretty much killable with my shotgun / skills and I don't die (much) so until now I was really loving my Outlander, but I'm obviously not going to be able to survive the Luminous Arena if I can't even deal with the traps...


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    Hi Hexnessie. I have found only one way to survive those floor blade traps - avoid them. I'm not trying to be trite or dismissive here; I am pretty sure those traps were designed to be one-hit killers (just like original Prince of Persia - dang, my age is showing). Either get the timing for them OR walk precisely in between them (yes it is possible).
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    Traps deal unavoidable damage that ignores shields and armour (not sure about %Damage Reduction) so yeah, your only option is to keep moving. An outlander has a lot of mobility in Shadow Vault/Lunge... try jumping over the traps. It doesn't matter if you stay outside the light a bit, you can survive for short periods of time quaffing potions.
  • Thanks for responding, guys. I'm really meh about it. Funny you should mention Prince of Persia, I was just thinking how much I hate arcade elements in any games :roll:

    I'll try to survive the Arena and never come back, I guess ;)
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    Sometimes you don't realize how ludicrous shooting ghosts in the face is until someone points it out :lol:
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