Questions about switching to Steam version of TL2

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I bought TL2 directly from Runic way back then, and only last week realized I could use it to active a Steam version (convenient for people who want to play Linux/Mac and get Steam perks of course).

My question is...

I installed the Steam version of TL2, can I use non-Steam mods with the game?


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    I was wondering why I was getting zero hits for this question when searching online, turns out you can do it and it's simple.

    To switch from Non-Steam to Steam TL2:

    -Move your current saves and mods to somewhere safe, just put them in folders on your desktop.
    -Uninstall the Non-Steam TL2. I made it uninstall everything, also choosing the "delete saves and mods" options. Don't worry because you moved them in the previous step, they're safe.
    -Install the Steam version of TL2. Go into the game at least up to the character creation screen, you don't have to create a character though, just exit.
    -Now there should be a "mod" folder and "modsaves" folder in the usual place, in your Documents folder. Inside each folder is another folder with a string of numbers and letters.
    -Now simply drop the files from before into those respective new folders.

    When you boot up TL2 and choose the "play with mods" button, your mods should show up in the list as usual. You'll also automatically earn any achievements that your save files meet the requirements for.

    That's it, enjoy!
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