Healthy Pet Mod:

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The goal of this mod is to increase your pet's health at later levels in the game when things really start to get rough.

1. This is an alternative to spam fish feeding your pet, because, that's not fun. It eliminates the necessity to go fishing to keep your pet alive.
2. Other pro's to having this mod include having a good tank at later levels in the game when combined with pet mastery.
3. If you do choose to fish, you can find yourself with a really strong pet, your choice.

At levels 10+ your pets health increases by nothing
At levels 20+ your pets health increases by 10%
At levels 30+ your pets health increases by 20%
At levels 50+ your pets health increases by 40%

and so on...


Unzip the file.
Place the file into your Mod Folder located here.
C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Application Data\runic games\torchlight\mods
*If you're not Admin, change your user name accordingly.



  • nice work this is definitely needed to keep pet from running with it's tail between its legs every 5 minutes later in the game
  • TomaLexiTomaLexi Posts: 303
    edited November 2009
    Nice Mod. Definitely needed.
    As usual added it to the ultimate modlist thread. If you dont like the decription I have chosen just tell me =)

    Healthy Pet Mod
    The goal of this mod is to increase your pet's health at later levels in the game when things really start to get rough.
    Looking for mods? Complete mod-list:
  • VendettaVendetta Posts: 156
    Hah, not picky.
  • ChimpoChimpo Posts: 25
    Excellent, downloading now, thank you!
  • AcX09AcX09 Posts: 42
    Thank you! Finally my pet stops Fleeing all the time :)
  • ender4ender4 Posts: 11
    I was looking at your mod in torchED to see if it was compatible with the LVL/skill mod, and if I am not mistaken the only thing your mod touches is the Health_Minion_byLevel stat line, but it appears to be the same as vanilla torchlight. Am I missing something?
  • JupiahJupiah Posts: 217
    This is a nice mod idea, but it still doesn't seem to be enough. I'm level 40 on hard difficulty and have 10 points in pet mastery, + around 30% more pet/minion att/def from equipment, and my pet still ends up fleeing from normal mobs in roughly 10 seconds. And Bosses? Forget it, he's running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.

    Maybe you could also add a decent def bonus to go with this the health bonus? It annoys me how useless the pet is except as a pack mule, even if you buff it up as much as you can.
  • This "mod" doesn't change a thing. The file is exactly the same as in original Torchlight, and all the values are the same... :mrgreen:
  • JupiahJupiah Posts: 217
    Really? Well, that explains why my pet still dies so easily with this 'mod' then.

    Hey, since you seem to know how it's done (since you could tell it wasn't working), could you maybe fix this mod? Pretty please?
  • Late reply, I know, but HERE IT IS. Enjoy!
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