How Do I Modify The Shader?

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To be more specific, I intend to make the game switch to cel shading instead of the vanilla one. I couldn't figure out any way to change it in GUTS but I did manage to find some data files in the game's files that could have something to do with what I want. Could I get some help with this?


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    Hi StrangeDew. Can u explain a little more about "switching to cel shading" pls? It might help others get ideas how to get it done.
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  • In the Torchlight 2 folder that can be found in steamapps, there are two Application Extension files called RenderSystem_GL.dll and RenderSystem_Direct3d9.dll. I'm trying to figure out what these two files do and how to change them to make it so that Torchlight 2's engine will render everything with cel shading.
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    I wonder how that's going to look, because I don't think you can magically erase the detailed textures on all the models. Unless Runic set it up so stuff like eyes and armor details are separate from the grime, battle damage, etc., that ruin the clean aesthetic of cel shading.

    Unless you mean to remove all the current lightning and make it all white light so everything looks more like a cartoon cel shade.
  • Just to make sure that we're on the same page. You mean to make the game look a little like this by adjusting the lighting, right?
    I just love how Jet Set Radio looks and I think it'd be interesting to see what cel shading would look like in Torchlight 2.
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    I know very very little about how game engines render stuff, but isn't this visual style achieved by how the textures are made in the first place (meaning, isn't cel-shading an art style, rather than a rendering task)?
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  • Are you asking me or, is that what cel shading actually is? To my knowledge, cel shading doesn't have much to do with the textures on the models. What I know is that cel shading is a type of rendering method.
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    Yes, i am asking. I just think it's an art style, but i'm not sure. And yes it would be interesting to see how TL looked in this way.
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    I think this might be too ambitious to achieve (though don't let me stop you from trying, if you're convinced you want to give it a shot).

    There are aspects of cel shading that are handled by lighting and post-process effects, and those aspects are very important to achieving the "cel-shaded look"; however, the way the models are textured does still play a notable role in how the model shows up in-game. A Torchlight game isn't going to have a Jet Set Radio look by adding outlines to everything and changing the lighting. If you did that, it would at least be closer to that look -- but the Torchlight games were built with a diffuse-texture-only look in mind, which relies heavily on the detail painted into the textures and is fairly independent of the lighting model. All those textures won't go away or change if you're only altering the shader. Unless you told it to ignore the texture files completely, but then you'd have a game full of untextured, colorless models...

    As for how you'd modify the shader dll, I have no idea. I know that Torchlight uses the Ogre engine. Asking on the forums may give you a better shot at getting a solid answer to that.

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  • Wow, I didn't think to check the game's engine's forum. Thanks for the lead.
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    This mod kind of goes for that look. ... re-upgrade
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