Torchlight novel is coming?

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In this quick Q&A with Max Schaefer, I read something interessssting... ... lynsun.htm

Someone asked:
"Just like the Diablo books, will we get a Torchlight novel?"

And Max says:
"We are still working on this plan"

And...well that's it lol. But hey, TORCHLIGHT NOVEL! We'll finally learn if Commander Vale ever gets some pants, because I don't think stockings are rated for running around in the Frosted Hills.


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    It would be nice to find out a bit more lore. I think as far as writing style or tone I'd love to see something along the lines of an Ed Greenwood 'Elminster' novel. Nothing too heavy or detailed yet nothing too light. I think Tim Powers 'On Stranger Tides' or Robert Lois Stevenson's 'Treasure Island' (for fans of the classics) would be great guides. They have a decent amount of story and characterization yet they're not 'Game of Thrones'-dense (not knocking that series I just don't see Torchlight warranting that sort of detail and depth).

    To be honest I wish I were good enough at writing to get published. I would love to write a Torchlight novel. I don't think it has any chance of ever happening, though. Not officially. Maybe I'll finally write that Torchlight fanfic I've been thinking about writing since 2009.
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    DarkTails wrote:
    ...will we get a Torchlight novel?"
    I would read this!
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