Fix the skill descriptions (no charge)

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The big three shooting special attacks (Rapid Fire, Shadowshot, Chaos Burst) don't state that they won't build charge. This is an oversight. It really ticks me off because it makes most builds non-viable. I tried literally every build in the book, and it's a joke: Glaive special attacks build charge like crazy. Glaive builds are ridiculously more powerful than anything else, and the main reason is that the "big 3" basic ranged specials give no charge. They are so mana intensive there is no reason not to build charge with them, at least at a reduced rate. Outlander non-glaive builds are way underpowered compared to anything else, and I'm speaking of all classes as well. Weakest in the game. I rolled a few other classes at the same difficulty and facerolled compared to a non-glaive Outlander. Really lame that this game is old and out of development when this should have been fixed a long time ago.


  • Could you make a build with a skill used sometimes just for building charge. Like a minor amount of points in glaive? Outlander the charge value is not like embermage or Berserker in that it 'matters' how full the charge bar is rather than an all or nothing status of bar totally full. So even if an occasional glaive fills it on average 75% near enemies it's still of value. Doesn't have to get 100%
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    For me, rapid fire DOES build charge, but Shadowshot indeed doesn't. Using bows or crossbows as weapon.
    Sounds a bit buggy or at least very confusing.

    And yes, also having lots of problems keeping up. Mainly using shadowshot for groups and rapid fire for single monsters/bosses with some help from rune vault and blade pact.

    This is my second character, around level 30 in veteran mode and it's becoming far and far more difficult compared to my previous Shocking orb/Hailstorm embermage (also veteran). A friend of mine is going through the game at almost the same pace with a claive build, but he's running Elite.

    Oh well, at least it's very exciting :smiley:

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