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Hi Everyone,
First I want to say thank you to the moderators for letting me join this community. I will get right to the point of my topic, MAKING MONEY FOR YOUR MODS. This is a topic that can have some very heated discussion. There are those who feel making mods should be about the fact that you enjoy coding and enjoy creating something.These people (and I have to say I can see both sides) tend to be against charging for mods. There biggest argument is the fact that as soon as you start charging, you are bringing attention from the original game creators who can say that you owe them money for licensing.

Now there are those who feel that they should be rewarded for their time and effort, and rightly so. The thousands of game mod 'users' benefit from the creativity, hard work and knowledge of a select few who have the gift and intelligence to create these great mods.

My partner and I attempting to find a middle ground on this by creating a site where creators can make some money, and users can still benefit from a 'free' download of a game mod.

How are we doing this?

We are creating a site where game modders (and soon any creative talent) will be able to store their digital creations and have a profile page that allows them to sell ads, thereby creating a modest revenue and not infringing on the territory of actually selling their mods.

Let me know your thoughts!




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    Zidders did you even read what OP said? He is not talking about selling or a paywall, is a free download page with adds in the mod download page to benefit the creator FROM THE ADD REVENUE! No one is selling anything... at least that's what it says there.

    Now, if you want to start the whole discussion on money and mods again, you're welcome any time. ;)

    (Also, has anyone notice how I always comeback when someone starts talking about money? :lol: )
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    Check out our Fan Art / Video policy, particularly section 6.

    I think the big takeaway is that limited commercial provisions (i.e., ad revenue) in general are a legitimate means for fansites to support themselves. Just make sure you're following the guidelines we've set out and as long as people aren't being charged for access to mods, etc., you're probably fine. In this case, the cash flow isn't coming from the mods per se; it's coming from page views to the page hosting them. So we have very few problems with that in the sense that it's designed to support the community.
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    Zidders did you even read what OP said?
    No. I guess I didn't.
    Sorry, OP. Dumb roo is dumb.
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    It would be nice to get modders paid, but ad revenue wouldn't garner much for the modder unless the mod gets repeated visits in the thousands each month. With some investment people would likely get more with a patreon link or donation link, not as much as paid mods would but more than ads. Doesn't mean you can't do both though. Seems like you're trying to do something like a myspace for mods.
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    Considering how little ad money I got running an entire fansite, and that it wasn't enough to support itself, I'm skeptical that this is a feasible process. You'd have to get so ridiculously popular to make it work, and that's so difficult when there is so much competition out there.
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    I agree. I also support one site for casual card game belote , mostly popular in France, and definitely is hard , if you not have a huge user base
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