[Watch] Dev Diary with Matt Uelmen

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If you're joining us from our blog post, you can leave your questions for Matt here! :D
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    I don't know how Matt does it. Every time I listen to something he's composed I get chills. I feel both melancholy and hope. Sadness and joyfulness. Each new track weaves its own spell yet I can almost trace the path he's laid since I first heart him in Diablo. I love how he's incorporated 80's-style Brian Eno'esque synth with classical touches. There's a bit of Peter Gabriel in there as well. The fretless bass has a very Tony Levin feel to it while retaining Matts signature touches. I love the way it weaves and never stays in the same sonic space for too long.

    Did I mention I've been a huge fan of Matt's for 20 years now? Hehe <3
    Thanks, Matt and thanks Runic. The more of this track I listened to the more enthusiastic about the game I got-and I was already pretty enthusiastic. I'll add that my impressions above were given after listening to it via a broken headset. It only plays in mono at the moment. I can't wait to hear it in stereo. I'm sure it will be even more powerful.
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    Needless to say Matt was and is a huge inspiration for me. Love all of his works. I'm not that kind of hyped for Hob [as I was for TL2], but I'll be there day one for Matt's work on this game for sure.

    When you think it couldn't be improved anymore or there is nothing new to it and then he comes back and gives it a different flavour, a different spin on it all. The sound is subtle and smooth. Somehow reminds me of earlier Sync24 stuff with his ambient music on 'Source'.
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    Dear Mr. Uelmen, please ensure your soundtrack for Hob is available on iTunes for purchase. Thank you!
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