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Veteran Mode (not ****). No mods. Single Player.

Any suggestions or hints for making a Outlander who uses Bows to some extent? The way I am playing I am taking a group of 4 single player builds.. one for each class through the game (so far). I have made it to the Ossyrean (spelling?) Wastes with Engineer and Embermage and I have read a guide for embermages that was a sticky that told general info of skills (more than the tooltips) but also let me explore my own ideas and not a 'follow this build' kind of guide. That guide also revealed to me in passing some info about the mechanics of the game such as what the stats (str, dex, focus, vitality) do and general things like that.

So I am looking for outside info maybe suggestions if I want an Outlander who uses a bow or crossbow instead of guns. Veteran mode so won't have to be punished too much for not taking strongest. I've heard about the wand/gun/glaive idea but for me I just want to have a bow. So far I like Rapid Fire better than the other %WeapDPS with the 4 heatseeking shadow shots (name?). And I think Rapid Fire could solve (for single targets) problems I have with my own damage not scaling over enemy (single targets) armor because it strips off so much armor (particuarly if the bow has -X armor for multiple shots). I don't have to only use a bow I'd actually of course like to do other things, but I don't want an irrelevant cosmetic bow.

I think I found a guide of general Outlander info the other day and also looking for suggestions/hints on a bow Outlander.

I started just taking a normal build to the Ossyrean Wastes and then restarted with this quartet in Veteran. So far it is perfect difficulty setting as some of the quartet are pleasantly strong and some have pleasant challenges without getting completely stuck. I'm not concerned with dying but don't want to have to win challenges by spam dying (and dealing incremental damage on boss).

Thank you if you have read this much!


  • I have a "bowlander" in elite ng+5, and it's a very viable playstyle compared to shotgun builds. I also use summons--brute and shadowlings + death ritual to increase how long they stay around. They're more for distracting enemies than for damage. I use rapid fire and chaos burst for my main attacks. Venomous hail is really good so try that out when you get to level 42.

    Stack +health on gear and mana regen while leveling so you can constantly be using abilities for damage instead of auto attacks. Stone pact is also really useful for the +armor and health regen. As for socketables, mana regen gems are a priority.

    Look for bows/crossbows with 4 sockets and use +phys attack gems in them. 4 socket bows +phys attack gems give a huge damage boost compared to equal level weapons without them. At level 100 I'm using a netherrealm bow with 5 sockets, all +phys damage gems and I shred through everything.

    Strength should be increased at every opportunity since you want as much damage as possible. Look for it on your gear and always check vendors for upgrades. Dex should be leveled to around 50 or 100, whichever you'd like. You'll be able to make up the points with your gear, which should always have strength and health as a priority while leveling.

    Also try gambling. The trick I use to gamble for uniques is to buy items ending with any even number other than 0, eg 4152 or 7924, not 4200 or 7900. That can really give you a boost early on if you have the cash to spend.
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