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Greetings everyone!

I havent spoken nor written anything in English for ages, but I will try to do my best.

I recently decided to have a little fun with Torchlight 2 by creating my own custom modifications in GUTS. At first I decided to create my own custom fantasy Pets (Ysera and Lightning Hawk). I was successful to edit Vyrax textures (changing the color) in the DDS file by using photoshop. Now I can't seem to figure out what is the problem with the Hawk. No matter what or how I try, I can't override textures file (HAWK.DSS). When I check the mod in GUTS, textures have changed the way I made them, but when I launch the game, the hawk pet has only two original skins, and mine is not showing up no matter what. Why? Is it because i'ts a clone unit?

In general, how do I add more skins to a newly created or cloned pets?

Thank you in advance!


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    Hi GingerBreadMan.

    Do the model files for your cloned units have their own folder under MODELS? Like...


    Actual path can be different; what's important is that they have their own folder, and that folder is somewhere under MODELS.

    And do their unit .DAT files specify that they are PET units, with the line...


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  • Hi Phanjam!

    I just checked everything and everything you said seems to be correct, BUT - currently I have two pets in one mod, so both of those units are under MYMOD/MEDIA folder and each of them has their own subfolder (MYMOD\MEDIA\MODELS\PETS\MYCLONEDUNIT1 and MYCLONEDUNIT2). Does each unit has to have a completely separated path?

    As I said, the color of new Hawk textures does show up and work in GUTS when I test it, but in game it has those two original skins as the original hawk. It would even do if I could add my blue hawk as a third appearance option in game, but I dont know how. GUTS seems to be very confusing.
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    In PET_HAWK.DAT file:

    This is the list of skins for the unit. Check your hawk.
    4ByzPdz.png 88pn2UZ.pngtrCrfep.png
  • Hi Kva3imoda!

    Yes. I know these are Hawk files. I picked the ''hawk_02.dss'' file, edited it, saved to desktop with a name ''pet_hawk_03.dss'', then I put that file in my mod unit folder and then tried to use that file to override those two original textures. But it doesn't work that way obviously and I think it has to do something with a fact that Hawk has TWO texture files while my custom Vyrax had only ONE file. That's why Vyrax texture edit was a success but Hawk isn't. But I don't know what I'm doing wrong. This is the first time Im trying to do something using GUTS.
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    I feel that you're doing something wrong. Because such mods is the simplest type of mods.

    Ок, just add your hawk-skin to the standard Hawk Pet for tests.
    4ByzPdz.png 88pn2UZ.pngtrCrfep.png
  • Same thing. Original hawk has those same two skins in game while in GUTS it works as intended when I test it.

    Can I simply somehow add my new texture as a third option to pick in game instead of trying to override original ones all the time?

    This is the DAT file. The '''' is the name of override textures file for the original hawk. Maybe there is something ''out of place'' here?
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    I think you should do this:
    Where and is your new skins. This should work 100%.

    And delete this string:
    I think it is used for ordinary monsters. Pets does not have this string.
    4ByzPdz.png 88pn2UZ.pngtrCrfep.png
  • Thank you a LOT Kva3imoda!

    Finally managed to add the new skin. I just had to manually add a new path location to the dat file.

    I think that the problem in my case was that the original Hawk contains two textures and that is the reason why GUTS doesn't recognise what textures should be overridden in the first place.

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