Looking for buddies to play with

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How's it going everyone,

I'm new to the forums and this is my first post but i've got a NG+ Embermage who is currently lvl 86 so i can't say i'm new to the game. After a long break i've finally come back and oh boy am i hooked.I don't know if i've missed any major updates or anything of the sort but i don't actually think that TL2 gets updated all that often.

Sadly, i don't have anyone to play with since most of my friends aren't really into games like Torchlight and i would be really happy if i found someone to play with. I've recently discovered all of the mods and modding community so for now im rocking vanilla but i would gladly try all of them out and enhance my gameplay. As of now im thinking of leveling a new Berserk on Veteran so if anyone is just starting out or thinking of creating a new character i'm up to play.

My Runic ID is Dominating. I've got Curse, TeamSpeak and Skype so feel free to PM me if interested. Thanks for sparing some of your time to read! :P :roll:


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