Change Mesh with skill? 3rd Gender?

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Hey guys,

I'm fairly new to GUTS but already did a lot of modding in the last week but came across 2 problems and was happy to see that there seems to be a Board for this game that's still active:

1: Is it possible to add a third gender? "Male" and "Female" seem to be hard coded unittypes and can't be replaced in the UI.

2: I tried making a transformation skill for the player but as soon as you turn back into the player you get the default stats and skills of your class again. Also when you transform, your weapons get overwritten by the weapons the monster had set but you keep your armor equipped. I figured that one could store the attribute values in some other stats before transforming and reapply them afterwards, store them again immediately before turning back and finally reapply another time when you turned back. The second storing would be just in case the player assigned attribute points while transformed. A much easier way to get this done though would be to change only the mesh of the character with a skill. Is there a way to do so or has anyone ever made a working transformation skill for players?

I'd appreciate it if anyone has helpful advice or suggestions.


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    Hey WingedCat welcome to the forums!

    Have a look-see through this thread... ... 39/#msg839

    It might have stuff that will help you.
    Torchlight 1 Class Pack (TL1CP) Mod for TL2: Steam | RGF
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    I just solved Problem #1 on my own. I replaced it with a new problem I came across though.
    But thanks for the suggestion anyway Phanjam.
    Just so people don't get confused: The link Panjam posted was relevant to an earlier question that I edited.
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    WingedCat wrote:
    Is there a way to do so or has anyone ever made a working transformation skill for players?
    Hey WingedCat

    We tried:
    Transform player character issue
    Duplicate Stats for transformation
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    WingedCat wrote:
    third gender?
    I'd love to hear more about gender in your mod. I'm all for games incorporating more gender options in general. If you'd prefer noting me about it that's fine.
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    Too bad it's not possible yet to make a player transformation. Good luck with figuring out a way in the future. If you are still searching that is.

    I wanted to have the gender buttons change the race of a character. It seems not possible though. So I will probably just make a class for every possible combination of class and race.
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