Small hits vs Elite enemies armor

GordyneGordyne Posts: 38
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Oh boy I still come back to this game now and then :D

I was thinking about making a build with something that would inflict shock status to proc aditional area damage, but wouldn't it deal next to 0 damage
considering the extra armor/resistances of things in elite?

Other things that come to mind are those unique weapons that have, like:

- 55 phys dmg
- 16 fire dmg
- 16 cold dmg

It seems that 16 cold and fire would be completely negated by enemy armor while a green weapon of the same kind would give concentrated phys dmg:

- 77 phys dmg
- + 10 phys damage(attribute)

Unless unique weapons bypass enemy armor, it seems like even green weapons are the better choice :shock:
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