GUTS Doesn't Work On Linux [Using Wine]

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In the GUTS Wiki it says that Non-Steam users must load GUTS via a button under the play button, however when I load Torchlight II the play button never appears. I receive a "New Game" button, a "Resume" button and a "Load Game" button. Even if I go into load game and look at the play button there, nowhere is there a button saying "Launch GUTS". Does anyone know how to help?

I am running Torchlight under Wine, on Linux, Slackware, v. 14.2. Wine is a Windows emulator that runs non-linux programs on Linux.


  • ZiddersZidders Posts: 14,348 ✭✭✭
    There is currently no way to run GUTS via Linux/Wine.

    "GUTS is first and foremost an internal tool that our team used to make Torchlight II. Because our production workflow is PC-based, we have never had any plans to port GUTS to other platforms — just as we didn't port TorchED. I have at various points queried directly the developers responsible for creating it, and the definitive answer is that it would be non-trivial for us to do. Sorry!" ~ BrianW" ... ac#p498399

    Sorry :/
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