How balanced is Syngeries?

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Going to be playing vanilla first for a while then switch over to this kid. However I am worried about the balance and quality of it, I don't want it to feel like a cheap, over exxeragted version of torchlight and want it to feel like an improvement.

Thanks guys


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    I am playing it right now, after many hundreds of hours of vanilla. It's good and bad.

    The Good
    1) Many extra classes, although I've read only the Ranger, Necromancer and Warlock are fully fleshed out and balanced.
    2) Many extra pets with unique attacks.
    3) Tons more monsters at a time to fight, and thus TONS more loot
    4) An endless dungeon to play right from the start
    5) Damage smoothed out a bit so it's far less spikey; far less getting one-shotted.
    6) Much bigger Inventory (3 pages instead of 1) and shared stash (1600 slots).
    7) Immediate access to all types of enchanter, transmuter, and 3 new vendors (a guy who adds sockets to items for cash, and another who sells set items and a third who sells high level Synergies items). [Note this can be a bad thing depending on your point of view because you will eventually buy all your gear from here, which takes away from the joy of getting a rare drop in the game - other than Legendaries ofc].

    Apparently most of the changes made by the mod are late game and I'm only level 30-odd, so I've probably not seen the full effect yet. I'm certainly picking up things that I don't think I can use till level 100, and that I do not know the purpose of yet. That said,

    The Bad
    1) Difficulty/balance. I'm used to playing Elite with vanilla as anything less I've found boringly easy, and I'm not entirely sure how the difficulty here compares. Cant put my finger on it. Alone Elite felt very frustrating in Synergies, harder than vanilla, but with my old team (2 to 3 player co-op) it seemed much easier than vanilla.
    2) That increase in monster count....on Elite it can be frustrating because it can take ages to clear even a single screen of monsters as they are such bullet sponges. And you'll need the bigger inventory because of the loot. 3 pages of inventory fill up in minutes, so you either need to toss lots of it or send the pet to sell very very frequenty. At first it was overwhelming, but I guess I've got used to it.
    3) Crashes occasionally, whereas I do not remember vanilla crashing ever.
    4) Has several portals that leads to dungeons that appear bugged or incomplete? I basically instantly died when I arrived there, every time.
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    Ghostlight has the right of it. It's got a lot of good to it and I've had a ton of fun playing it but the balance is skewed towards mobs. It's very much meant for people who tweak the *^%$ out of their builds and like it hard. There's a low population mod that tones mob numbers down a bit but there's still not a lot of breathing room. Keep in mind though that the vanilla game isn't balanced that well to start. They went with fun > balance.

    Quality-wise though it remains one of the best mods for any game I've ever seen. Salan has put a TON of work into it over the years.
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