[MOD] Themed Summon Spells

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Hi everyone,

Just finished working on a little mod that adds 3 new summon spells for each class as an alternative to plain old skellies and zombies. They're meant to fit in better with the overall theme of each class. They work the same and have the same damage as the original summons spells and are just cosmetic (one small exception is the summon netherim glaivethrowers spell which does pretty much the same damage but has the reflective glaive - let me know if it's too OP :)).

Here's the spells and a Steam link:
For Berseker:
Summon Frost Wolf (from Blood Zombie)
Summon Deathflingers (from Skeletal Archers)
Summon Warmaker (from Skeleton Warrior)

For Engineer:
Summon Ezrohir Crawler (from Blood Zombie)
Summon Ezrohir Marksmen (from Skeletal Archers)
Summon Dwarven Mechanoid (from Skeleton Warrior)

For Embermage:
Summon Fire Elemental (from Blood Zombie)
Summon Spectral Archers (from Skeletal Archers)
Summon Warrior Wraith (from Skeleton Warrior)

For Outlander:
Summon Netherling (from Blood Zombie)
Summon Netherim Glaivethrowers (from Skeletal Archers)
Summon Netherim Warrior (from Skeleton Warrior)

Thanks :D


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