Help with Vitality/Focus 1H/Shield Engineer

addictinsane9addictinsane9 Posts: 2
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Hey, so I'm new to the game, and after reading some guides I decided to roll with a 1h/shield engineer pumping 3:2 Focus Vitality.

I read I was supposed to get a wand for act I, because I wouldn't be able to find a weapon with decent elemental damage to benefit from the focus increase.

However i am so far in act 2 still sporting a fire damage wand which deals meager 101 points of damage and was wondering if I'm missing something.

Shouldn't I by now have switched to a melee weapon already? I'm level 24 so I can get Onslaught but wouldn't be able to use it with a wand.

In case you're wondering my build is

Healbot 7/15
Forcefield 7/15
Dynamo Field 3/15
Seismic Slam 7/15
Charge **** 1/15
Fire and Spark 4/15
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