total custom and modded animations possible??

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Hey folks

After doing some research it seems it's nearly impossible to either create custom animations from scratch for TL2 or even to modify existing ones. I mean it seems like the Ogre2Blender2Ogre2Torchlight method is shot and all the other animation tutorials are just on how to swap. Am I wrong? (I hope I am)


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    Hi Yarmoth!

    Well you can make totally custom animations for the TL2 models, but you'd have to work with (afaik) 3DSMax. You can actually make custom animations for the TL2 meshes with the free tool Blender, but this falls short because we don't currently have an i/o script which will export the necessary .SKELETON file of the animation (thus, as you observed, most of what you see being done with Blender is mesh swapping).

    As for modded animations (modifications to existing animations) there is a very small tool-set that's been built-up by modders themselves (look for the "homebrew" section in this post). Being homebrew these are "unsupported", "use at your own risk", yada-yada, stuff. But you may find some things you can use ;)
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