The case for the good necromancer.

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Someone linked this to one of the rpg groups I'm in. It's worth reading all the way through. Most of it's funny but some of it I found very moving.


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    That was a really nice read Zids, thanks!
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    Phanjam wrote:
    That was a really nice read Zids, thanks!
    I got choked up at a few points. Now I really want to see a game that uses this concept.
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    And there is my idea (well, I'm actually playing her like that) for a tabletop RPG! ****, I wanted to copyright it.

    Sor Archeth is precisely that, a good necromancer in our 13th Age campaign (Kinda like DnD setting wise). She goes around giving lost souls meaning or a chance for redemption. And always asks with a "please" instead of a "do my bidding", which seems to works wonders (Undead are supposedly forced to obey any order, she just doesn't even bother because "it would be a grave lack of politeness"). Most of my party members still think I'm a Cleric because it also fits*. The day I start summoning skeletons is gonna be so **** hilarious.

    *I never outright stated to them that she was a cleric, but she IS a nun and was raised by clerics in a monastery. It helps that her necromantic power is innate due to shenanigans with an Elder Lich when she was a baby, so she never studied and believed for almost her entire life that she was just a Cleric who was better at talking to the spirits and whose divine magic always worked wonky.

    Anyway, sorry for derailing the topic. I really enjoyed the reading.

    P.S. The post right below the OP reads like something Pratchett could have written and I love it
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