reposting old destroyer all defense vids

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so I made these videos about 4 years ago with the original torchlight. ... 5t2YUQLTXw

unfortunately I've lost the save file I used to have in my inbox, but I just recently bought torchlight and i'm continuing with this style in tl2. might do tl1 again if I have time or passion for it. I've got an engineer which is all defense now.

in case you're still wondering what i'm talking about and you haven't clicked on the link to my channel, it's basically a destroyer build that's all defense

every single stat goes into defense. and skills where possible. interesting results.....tanking dark zealots etc

enjoy folks. hope to bring you another version soon.


  • PhanjamPhanjam Posts: 3,297 ✭✭✭
    Thanks Middlemoor. My fav is the Destro too but ive never tried a build like that, interesting results indeed!
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