Copy items skin and animation from Synergies mod ?

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Hi fellows, I new to our community and new to mods, too.

I just finished my study at the university a couple of days ago and get back to Torchlight. I'm now playing the synergies mod and find many things interesting. Question is can I just copy an item skin and animation and bring it to the original Torchlight game?

I read a lot a see .dat, .bindat from UNITS file is informations for the items and .mat, .mesh and .dds is from MODELS file is for the skin and animation. Can I just copy them to the original Torchlight files and then create .dat and .bindat that match for that new item I just copied. Or there will be sth to do with GUTS. I do have it and the Editor but after a few hours messing with stuffs I got stuck, 'cause the GUTS doesn't let me to open those files from Synergies mod MEDIA file, only those from the original game.

I know this may be a basic question but, who know. I'm newbie, though :D

Tks in advance if so can help me out :)

p/s: sr my bad English, tks again.


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    If it's something from someone else's mod you should probably ask the mod maker permission first if it uses a custom model/texture. Also a better place to ask Synergies-related stuff is their forum.
  • Yeah, but I think this is different. I do have some posts at synergies community but out of about 100 views but no reply, though. And this is not about the synergies mod only, I mean, the point is, is this possible to create a whole new item by myself. I did read "Cloning an item & editing its texture" by Rusty and success in cloning one. But I can't find any tutorial about how to create a new one without using those gave by Runic Games. So I just started with the synergies mod but still can't find anyway to use models from that mods for my own :|
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    Hi justorangejuice0411. Congratulations on making a custom item by cloning! The same method can be used for any item. But I agree with Zidders - if it is the work of someone else, it's best if you get their permission first. If you assure them you will only use it for your own personal use, there is a good chance they might agree.
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