Blood Sport build

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Background- I've been playing Tl2 off and on for a few years now and recently returned. Played numerous class builds. I found glaive thrower and prismatic bolt builds boring. So far the most fun has been with spell trigger builds. I designed 2 spell triggers around chain snare, 1 combined with northern rage. I also built a spell trigger engi character using sismic slam+ dynamo field+ overload. Also lots of fun. But pretty much all the toons I've made are based off other players ideas. Recently however I decided to create my build using the Berzerker skill eviscerate. Eviscerate gets little love so I thought I could build off it. I call this the "Blood Sport" build. It combines Dot with chain snare, eviscerate, and raze.
Eviscerate 15
Raze 15
Blood Hunger 1
Ice Shield 10
Cold Steel Mastery 15
Shatter Storm 1
Rage Retaliation 1
Shadow Burst 10
Chain Snare 15
Frenzy Mastery 1
Shred Armor 15
Red Wolf 1/3?
This leaves 32 skill points unspent. Playing on veteran I lvled this character to 100 using the listed skills. As you can see there is no Howl or Rage. At lvl 100 I'm toying with the idea of adding 15 to both Howl and Permafrost. Act 1 was rather easy using eviscerate, which I kept at tier 1. Eviscerate lvls with class lvl and gains power. Just hold skill points to reach tier bonus. Act 2 was hard till lvl 28 and added Chain Snare. This is the base of the build. Chain Snare + Eviscerate. When dealing with individual monster/champions/bosses Eviscerate + Raze, rinse and repeat if necessary.
Draketalon Helmet
Heart of the Pyrophage + 2 Karandir shull for extra 74 dex
Turquet Band
Blue magic ring with +50 str socketed with 2 Lovantine skulls
Draketalon Mantle
Aristocrat armor of focus
Aristocrat belt of focus socketed with 2 trenkay skulls 4.4 mana p/s = 8.8 mps
Aristocrat gloves of str
Inquisitor pants of dex
Inquisitor boots of str socketed with + speed gems
Parma's Coal Burner
---Netherrealm Hammer--- the most important item for this build.
4 giant blood embers = 7780 Dot over 5 sec + an extra 2675 Dot for 5 sec from weapon stats adds up to 10455 Dot over 5 secs.
The idea and purpose of this build is to stack bleeding on monsters from skills that proc weapon effects.
Eviscerate + 10455
Chain Snare + 10455
Raze + 10455 over 5 secs.
Remaining items to be socketed with Limoany and Riecliu skulls for damage reduction and more life. Borris for extra str.
With fast movement speed, haste, shadow burst you crash into a group of monsters hitting them with Chain Snare + Eviscerate and following up with whatever you like. Howl and/or Permafrost will only make this build more deadly. I've had so much fun with this build and hope anyone trying this build out does too. I will leave it to other players to test this build on elite. As for player/pet spells i went with frost and summons on pet. For toon i used concentration, haste, treasure hunter, and adventurer when lvling. Good luck everyone and enjoy.
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