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I want to play with a friend and as the topic title suggests, I want to know how I can change the default location of the saves and mods folder (i.e. instead of C:\Users\Chalef\Documents\My Games\Runic Games\Torchlight 2\ I want to tell the game to read a folder on a different hard drive partition, e.g. D:\Torchlight II\ThisFolder). My friend is using a SSD hard drive and has windows installed on it, with barely 1 GB free. Installing Torchlight II and adding any mods will clog his hard drive and cause issues to his system stability. So please, how can we alter the default mods folder location?


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    Hi chalef! I dont have an answer but you might also want to ask over at the Runic discord server ( You will usually get an answer more quickly over there :)
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