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Hello to all Torchlighters! We're very happy to announce a little contest we cooked up which we hope you guys will like...


It's a contest where we will name some armor items after the winners. But not just any items; we're going to be naming new armors using mesh models imported from the Torchlight 1 game, so these are truly unique!

About the contest:

1. It's a 10-day contest from 12:01 AM UTC of May 5, 2017 until 12:00 PM UTC of May 15, 2017 to "reach the farthest point within the time limit". You can use this world times tool to figure out what those UTC dates/times are for you locally.

2. Contestants must start new characters and must play together in multiplayer games (whether LAN or Internet) to make their "run" which must be at Veteran difficulty. There should be only 3 players per team; 1 Alchemist, 1 Destroyer and 1 Vanquisher and a player must not be in more than one team joining this contest. Obviously the team will have to play using the TL1CP mod, but only that mod and no other mods.

3. To establish that the team started out all together, teams must submit a full in-game screenshot showing all members around the first quest-giver Destroyer WITH the dialog box of him saying "I think this is as far as I can go...". Mail the screenshot to [email protected].

4. Full in-game screenshots will likewise be used to establish "farthest point reached" using Bosses beaten as the milestone. Only main-quest Bosses will be considered. So up to Nether Lord only and side-quest Bosses don't count.
5. For each Boss beaten, take a screenshot with all team members in it gathered around the slain Boss. Mail it right away to [email protected] because, in case of teams stopping at the same Boss by the end of the contest, we will use the date/time of our receipt of the email to break any ties like those.

6. The "winners" are the members of the five (5) teams who make it the farthest given the above rules. So that's 15 players who will have at least two (2) Unique items named after each of them.

Download links for the TL1CP Mod:
Steam and RGF

Looking for others to play with?
Come on over to the #looking_for_group channel in this Torchlight Discord Server.

Do keep notes about the names of the team members (the names you usually use on Steam or forums.runicgames or wherever your "home" forum is), the in-game names used for your characters and a little description of each character's build, skills learned, main skill used, weapons and tactics of preference, etc. We will ask for this info from the winning teams, because they will help a lot in giving the item names more "flavor".

About the Armors:

The armors we will be naming will span both the TL1CP mod and the stand-alone TL1 Armors Mod. Since we're still porting meshes over for these armors we may not have enough items at the moment, but we'll defintiely have more than enough when all the importation work is done!

All the TL1 armors will be implemented as Unique items in the game, and they will follow the vanilla convention for Uniques. That means 3 versions for every armor piece and, starting at armors in levels 11 onward, 1 unique set version as well. Armors implemented in the TL1CP mod will be class-specific, but for the planned stand-alone Armors mod there won't be any required-class restrictions.

So far in TL1CP we've implemented the so-called Starting Set Unique items and the "Tier 1" (levels 11-20) Unique items. If you're familiar with TL1 you might recognize these as the "Leather set" items

Sample pics of the "Starting Sets"

hnIrVtT.png UWw0QsM.png crcFo3O.png

And of the "Tier1 Sets"

J9aXQvp.png DLPOl8o.png yMsfwSR.png

About Torchmodders:

Torchmodders is a community and resource hub to support Torchlight(tm) modders of all skill levels and collaboration between them. Torchmodders is not affiliated with Runic Games in any way.
Torchlight 1 Class Pack (TL1CP) Mod for TL2: Steam | RGF


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    Torchlight 1 Class Pack (TL1CP) Mod for TL2: Steam | RGF
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    Updated the original contest post with some sample pics of the armors and additional info for finding other players to MP with ;)
    Torchlight 1 Class Pack (TL1CP) Mod for TL2: Steam | RGF
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