Vast Improvement Project (VIP)

etherheadetherhead Posts: 1

I would like to introduce my little project going on at the Steam Workshop. It's taking off well, and I just keep updating it as new ideas come. It can be found here:

I plan to combine it into 1 or 2 larger mods, and keep adding. Though, my next mod will probably be something along the lines of a "base class rework". Thanks for popping in and I hope you enjoy the changes I've made. Please feel free to ask any questions, or if you'd like to take part, I'm looking for testers by the time summer vacation is over.



  • StlfinderStlfinder Posts: 4

    Hi, I like your project very much, friend, keep it up, persevere and you will reach!

    Passionate about 3D modeling and impressions of that kind, visit my website:

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