Increase range of healbot

Title self explanatory, Wondering how, in guts to increase the range of the healing aura that the engineers healbot puts out, I would like it to reach extra far to other players. I have tried all kinds of things and nothing seems to affect it.


  • RainemardRainemard Posts: 4

    I'm very new to modding, but what I found out so far (I might be wrong however) is that range does not get affected by the actual skill stats, but the animation. If you're not within the hitbox of the animation, you won't get hit.

    The way I found out is that I've tried to make a buff AoE, using the clone of Shadowmantle as a skeleton. Nothing I did seemed to work, but when I change the actual animation from Shadowmantle to Elemental Boon, and NOTHING else (note: I did not clone Elemental Boon itself, I merely used it's animation in the TRIGGER_EVENT), I was able to make it AoE.

    If anyone has a better explanation I'd love to hear it as well, but these are my findings for the moment. Good luck!

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